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Stankelbein-larvene fortsatt en utfordring

På grunn av ferieavvikling publiseres nyhetsbrevet denne gangen kun på engelsk.

Hello Members,

The past week has seen us host the Srixon Tour here at Losby. Congratulations to Henriette and Marcus who won their respective classes. 

We unfortunately continue to see damage from the Leatherjackets on greens (larve av stankelbein). We will again try using the plastic covers on the greens with most activity, so we have a chance to remove as many larvae as possible.

We have been in touch with some researchers who have gave us recommendations of some natural products that we can use. Although this will not be a quick fix, it will hopefully be a step forward. The products should be applied at the start of September, when the eggs of the larvae are at a young age. 

Other golf courses in the area are starting to see a reduction of activity in the larvae. This means they are moving into the next phase of their development. This should also soon be the case at Losby, which means we can start working on improving the quality and coverage of the greens. 

There has been some heavy rainfall over the weekend, which means we will use the start of the week getting the roads and bunkers back in order. 

We will also give the fairways and tees another application of granular fertiliser to push the growth forward. 

We’ll be back with an update next week. 

Best regards,

Jonny and team.

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