Nyhetsbrev fra Course Manager -november

Publisert: 27. november 2017  av Øystein Schille  |  Siste nyheter  |  Arkiv

Første isfjerning er gjennomført.

Dear Members
Here is a small update on the current conditions of the course.
The greens today are 100% ice free. We removed the snow last Wednesday evening, this was done to maximise the melting that we were expecting from the warm temperatures and rain that was forecast for Thursday. The greens, prior to removal, had 100% ice coverage, the ice had formed 6 days before during a mild day that melted some of the snow and then froze in the evening.

The rest of the course is generally ice and snow free with the exception of the shaded holes, 1,2,3 and 4 Østmork, most holes on Vestmork have some snow and ice remaining on fairways and roughs.

Jobs ongoing at the moment:
  • Servicing and fixing machinery.
  • Tree work.
  • Monitoring the course mainly focusing on greens.
I will be back before new year with another update. Let’s all hope for a more stable period with cold temperatures and a little snow.
Duncan and Team

Slik ser det ut i dag 27.11.17 (før det begynte å snø igjen...)
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